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Why Alaska?

If you truly dream of those impressive heli-skiing lines, then Haines in Alaska should be your next destination. This is the place where the largest film productions are recordedand where you’ll find the most awe-inspiring descents. Alaska is like a freeriders homecoming.

Cloud9 Travel offers exclusive heli-ski trips from three strategically located helipads named Mile 10, Mile 26 and Mile 33. The heli-ski area extends from the coast to the border with British Columbia and Yukon. We have access to an area of ​​over forty square kilometers!

For whom?

Alaska’s reputation is certainly justified. This is the steepest and most technical terrain in the world! Thanks to the maritime climate, the snow has an unrivaled quality, and adheres to the mountain perfectly. Moreover, many runs have a beautiful view of the ocean and the Chilkcat Peninsula on which Haines is situated.

Due to the features of this impressive terrain, you need to be an advanced skier or snowboarder who feels comfortable on steep descents. But, don’t underestimate yourself, the guides always plan the descents based on the level of the entire group. Slowly but surely, you will be trained to reach the limits of the group’s capabilities: from gentle,sloping inclines towards challenging steeps.

To go heli-skiing has always been a dream for me… In reality, it proved to be better than my dreams! I can hardly describe what a fantastic feeling it is. You need to experience it to understand. The sound of the chopper, the fluffy powder snow, and the entire experience in itself: it’s simply without equal

- Katrien Aerts, ex-Olympian

Testimonial Katrien Aerts


This weekly trip is available from mid-February to mid-April. Everything down to the last detail is completely taken care off: you will be picked up from the airport and dropped off at the lodge in Haines. Depending on weather conditions, a maximum of six days of skiing or snowboarding is possible. The package includes one hour of absolute flight time, which equals about 20 to 24 drops. If you’re up for more after that, then – provided the weather conditions allow it – extra flight time can be purchased.

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Small groups

The Small Group heli-ski programs are specially designed for groups of four freeriders, plus a guide. This trip can be booked for you and your friends, or single travelers. In the latter case, you will be placed in a group of a comparable level. In smaller groups, more attention is paid to matching the skiing or snowboarding level of the guests. This allows everyone to get the most out of his or her trip. A maximum of 8 groups, supported by two A-Star helicopters, can be out at all times. This incredibly exclusive type of heli-skiing ensures the best possible use of the available terrain.


Our partner organization SEABA goes beyond the minimum safety requirements, and their guides are continuously improvingtheir knowledge and guiding skills. All guides work at other heli-ski operations when the – relatively short – Alaskan season is finished. This ensures they maintain their certificates and train to acquire new ones. The guides we work with have various professional backgrounds, but always one thing in common: they all strive to be the best at what they do.

The guide who goes out with you:

  • Puts safety first and recognizes situations and environmental factors that could lead to accidents.
  • Follows courses to improve his skills and keep his knowledge about industry protocols and procedures up-to-date.
  • Meets the US HELI Guide requirements. Most guides are AMGA-certified and all the international guides are IFMGA-certified.
  • Has at least five years’ experience as a heli-ski guide in Alaska and a level 3 avalanche certificate.

Haines, Alaska

The rugged harbor town of Haines is situated on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by snow-covered peaks. It is well known for its sea eagles, salmon fishing, and the popular Discovery Channel series ‘Gold Rush’. In addition, Haines has a rich history in the field of ski- and snowboard films! You’ve might have seen these beautiful productions with freeride legends such as Jeremy Jones and Shane McKonkey. Everyone who has seen the films shot in this steep and breathtaking terrain agrees: this is freeride heaven. While that is certainly true, we just prefer to call it Cloud9.

Terrain and snow conditions

Haines is surrounded by the highest coastal mountains in the world. The peaks of the Fairweather Range reach up to 4671 meters. Those of the Saint Elias Mountain even reach up to an astonishing 5489 meters! It’s the condition of the snow deck however, that makes Haines into the amazing freeride destination it is. When the bitter cold of the far north meets the relative heat of the Gulf of Alaska’s waters, something magical happens in the atmosphere: the humidity that moves land inward changes into solid masses of powdered snow with unrivaled quality. As a consequence of these arctic and maritime influences, the ‘steeps’ of Haines have a very stable snow cover.


In the heart of Haines, lies the modest lodge that Cloud9 Travel has included in this booking. It’s a comfortable accommodation with a relaxed atmosphere. The bar and restaurant are the meeting point where all the smiling freeriders look back on yet another fantastic day. Imagine yourself relaxing on the terrace, with a view of the ocean, its soaring eagles, and a locally brewed craft beer in your hand.

Travelling to Alaska

It takes at least a day and a half to reach this unique destination. Haines is located in a remote corner of the United States that is not connected to any direct flight from the Netherlands. The two most obvious travel itineraries are to fly to Canada and drive across the border by car, or to fly into the North-West of the United States and continue onwards with a small chartered plane. We’re happy to give more detailed travel advice. Just contact us for more information about this trip!

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