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The last eternal snowfields of Europe

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Why Iceland?

Heli-skiing in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy long descents over mountain flanks underneath a never-setting sun. Breathtaking views on the North Atlantic coast will blow you away, and an incredible varied terrain ensures an adventurous and challenging experience even for the most seasoned freerider! In addition to the fantastic heli-ski possibilities, Iceland offers unique experiences on ‘down days’ too. A few examples of possible excursions could be: wildlife spotting, visiting geysers, walks around volcanic caves,orsimply justa day of sea fishing. However, we understand that you don’t book a trip with Cloud9 Travel for the activities mentioned above. You want to heli-ski, and that’s something we would rather be doing too!Well, we’ve got good news for you: Iceland offers some pretty amazing possibilitiesto do just that!

For whom?

Heli-skiing in Iceland is accessible to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. There is some variety depending on your group and chosen program, but you don’t have to be an experienced freerider to enjoy the deep valleys, stretched out runs and rolling terrain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Advanced skiers and snowboarders who are familiar with off-piste conditions, and in reasonable shape, will have the time of their lives in Iceland! You will hardly be able to suppress your enthusiasm when you put down your first tracks in this snow-covered heaven. Iceland has something to offer to every adventurer who wishes for more than a regular ‘powder hunt’ in the Alps but doesn’t want to travel too far from home.

Although I have skied in many places around the world, skiing with Cloud9 always delivers the best powder. Not once, but year after year. It’s a bucket list trip that you put back on the list every time again

- Arjen

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The heli-ski season in Iceland starts at the end of February, but generally continues until the end of June. Our destination, the Troll Peninsula, is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean. This leads to quite a unique freeriding experience,because of the proximity to the sea and the Arctic climate ensuresa stable snow cover, and exhilaratingweather conditions. Combined with the Northern Lights, sunlight from dawn until midnight, volcanic activity, hot springs, lava fields and the unique Icelandic Viking culture,this Icelandic cocktail makes a surprising, cultural, and adventurous heli-ski destination. Our local partner, Arctic HeliSkiing, offers four different ski- and snowboard programs depending on the size,and personal preferences of the group. In addition to the 12-guest classic program, there’s a premium program for groups of up to 8 participants and two different private programs for groups with a maximum of 4 people.


As Iceland’s first Heliski operator, Arctic Heli Skiing, has put both safety and fun as its top priority. The company was founded by a number of internationally certified Icelandic mountain guides. There are only six Icelanders with certificates from internationally recognized mountain guide bodies such as IFMGA, ACMG and AMGA. And to no surprise, these very six Icelanders all work for Arctic Heli Skiing! As a member of HeliCat Canada, the world’s largest association for freeride operators, Arctic Heli Skiing complies with all their standards and procedures.

Klængshóll Lodge, Iceland

Around 20 million years ago, Iceland was formed geologically by volcanic activity in the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays, it has mountains rising up from sea-level,up to 1500 meters. Although that might not sound very high, the resulting terrain is irresistible for freeriders. The area surrounding Klængshóll Lodge is wide, the snow cover is extremely stable and fresh snow keeps falling during the course of the winter.

You will spend your days in the middle of rugged nature with breathtaking views on the crystal-clear Ocean. You’ll be living close to nature and enjoying exceptionally long sunny days on your skis.

Terrain and snow conditions

With an area of ​​more than 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking Arctic mountains, this is a true freeriders’ Walhalla. The long descents from peak to ocean over perfectly sloping mountainsseem to have been made especially for freeriding. Over 90% of the mountains on the Troll Peninsula are accessible with skis or snowboard! The mountains are a perfect mix of steepto very steep couloirs, and mountain ridges on one hand, to wide and not so steep glacier descents on the other. The fact that it’s possible to descend almost 1300 vertical meters from peak to coast turns freeriding in Iceland into a very rich, unique experience. Moreover, the combination of an Arctic climate and proximity to the seas ensures sufficient cold weather, and a stable snow cover.


In Iceland we offer three different lodges. Depending on the wishes and composition of your group, these may vary from an old sheep farm, to an exclusive hotel. Arctic Heli Skiing operates from Klængshóll lodge for the Classic, Premium and Private programs. Karlsá and Hotel Hjalteyri are used for the Ultimate Private programs as well as the Select Premium and Premium programs. Each lodge has its own unique character and is equipped with everything you need to relax after a long, intensive day on the mountain. A restaurant, hot tub, and fast internet connection are available in all lodges. Klængshóll lodge also offers a sauna, massage room, yoga/stretch room, and a gaming room.

Travel to Iceland

You will find yourself in this fantastic no man’s land in just a few hours of travel. In just 5 hours, you fly from Amsterdam to the Troll Peninsula with a connecting flight in Reykjavik. Once you arrive at Akuyri airport, our transfer service will pick you up and drive you to your lodge in some 50 minutes. Overland transfer is possibletoo! A road trip from Reykjavik to the lodge takes about 5,5 hours.

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