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Why Chile?

Can you imagine what it would be like to Heli-ski in the world’s second highest mountain range? The breathtaking Andes in South America offer an amazing playground to enjoy endless powder fields in small, and exclusive company! The maritime climate and associated stable weather patterns ensure safe descents over those long fields of white gold. Apart from Heli-skiing, you will enjoy local wines, Chile’s cultural highlights, and its fantastic, mouth-watering cuisine.

For whom?

The Chilean Andes Mountains have the highest elevation of all our available destinations. The helicopterflieswell above 4000 meters, yet the terrain is very accessible, and incredibly vast! We have access to more than a million hectares of fresh snow! The Andres is a very diverse area: from large volcanoes, to rolling glaciers and steep peaks with exciting couloirs. It has it all. The groups are smallin number, and you share the helicopter with a maximum of three other groups.

Skiër die door de diepe sneeuw gaat in Chili

Welcome to paradise.

- Menno Boermans

Testimonial van Menno Boermans


The season lasts from the beginning of July to the end of September. During which, we offer the most exclusive skiing holiday ever in programs of three or six days. Imagine this: your helicopter takes off from a boat or from the fourteenth floor of your hotel in Santiago or from one of the beautiful lodges in the Maipo valley (Cajon del Maipo). In Chile, everything is possible: from private trips to exclusive groups with no more than four guests per party! Do you wish to know more about this exhilarating destination? Please feel free to contact us.

Small Groups

You’ll fly with a Eurocopter B3. This type of helicopter has a higher range than usual: a necessity in this extremely high elevated terrain. The helicopter has four seats available for guests, plus an additional two seats for the pilot and guide. Our local partner allows a maximum of three groups of four people who share the helicopter in shifts. As you’re gliding down the slopes, the other groups are transported to their next descents. This way, you will get a lot of vertical meters, and the guides have plenty of time and attention for each individual freerider.


Safety always comes first. We work exclusively with IFMGA/UIAGM guides with years of experience in the Andes. Rodrigo and Joaquin, the founders of our local partner Powder South, who have been pioneers in the field of guiding and have been leading expeditions for well over fifteen years.

Cajon del Maipo, Chile

Most trips are organized from the Maipo valley, or Cajon del Maipo. This beautiful valley is known for its impressive natural sights with azure lakes, diverse wildlife, and majestic white peaks that shine in the background. Its vineyards are a sight in their own merit. Starting from the valley, you will venture deep into the central part of the Andres, one of the most extensive mountain ranges in the world. There are no regular ski resort in the part where Powder South operates, which ensures that the descents in this unspoiled natural landscape are one of a kind.

Terrain and snow conditions

The location of the mountains in relation to the Pacific Ocean ensures favorable snow conditions. Thanks to the altitude, the snow remains nice and cold, and thus, the snow deck stays dry and light. The skiing usually takes place between 2500 and 4500 meters over large flanks with breathtaking views.


The most unique part of heli-skiing in Chile, must be the fact that ‘first descents’ can still be made. Can you imagine that you’re the very first person to ever ski or snowboard down a certain descent? To make that first mark, to carve that first trail? Well, until recently, we definitely could not! The term ‘exclusive’ certainly comes to mind here.


All lodges in our program are high end, luxurious, and well maintained. Most lodges lie in between sunny vineyards, and breathtaking mountain peaks that form a perimeter around you. When you return to your lodge after a day in the powder, you can enjoy a spa treatment, relax in front of the fireplace, or enjoy a bite from the BBQ while you sit on the sunny terrace. The Chilean chefs know just what to prepare for you to recharge for another day on the mountain.

Travel to Chile

Despite the fact that Chile is literally on the other side of the world, it is one of the most straightforward journeys in our programme. You’ll land in the morning after a direct flight from Amsterdam to Santiago, to be immediately picked up by our transfer service. A beautiful mesmerizing drive through the Chilean countryside brings you to your lodge within four hours.

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