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Why Greenland?

The magical white island of Greenland is inextricably connected to Eskimos, snow, and bitter cold conditions. Tourism is practically non-existent, and your adventure will take place in untouched landscapes far from civilization. Here, you may find mountains that have never been touched by any skier or snowboarder before. Putting down fresh tracks in Greenland, really is above and beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Your destination lies between the large fjords of the east coast Angmagssalik region. A descent usually starts from the top of the fjord and has a length between 800 and 1100 meters. You’ll gradually descend towards the coast while you make your turns through the beautiful powder. Once you get there, your helicopter will be ready to pick you up once again. Heli-skiing from fjord to ocean truly is a unique experience that you will only experience in Greenland.

For whom?

Greenland is the perfect location for adventurers, mountain enthusiasts,and anyone who loves exciting destinations. Our local partner has many years of experience in guiding freeriders through this pristine landscape. They guarantee special adventures, time after time again! For example: how about having lunch on a floating iceberg? It can be arranged…

Departing from our Inuit village, we’ll dive into deep powdery unknowns together. In case of bad weather, the helicopter stays grounded but we’ll go ski-touring or split boarding instead. However, if the weather is good,we can stay out for an extended period. This location is so far up north that we have exceptionally long days!

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Paul de Groot met ski's in Groenland

This goes beyond and above anything you’ve ever seen before. I’ve been to quite a few nice places, but this here really is something special. I’m especially surprised at how easy it is to reach perfect snow and terrain conditions

- Menno Koelewijn, owner of MK Skiservice

Testimonial Menno Koelewijn


The season here is rather short, because this special snowy island is on such a high latitude. Heli-skiing is possible in the months April and May. Per week, only three to four groups with a maximum of four people per group can go Heli-skiing. For these groups, two B3 helicopters are permanently available.

Greenland can be reached through a connecting flight in Iceland. Departing from Reykjavik, you can either fly on a regular Air Iceland flight, or through the private charter company, Eagle Air. The plane leaves on Saturday from the domestic terminal in Reykjavik. You should arrive in Reykjavik on Friday evening at the latest, and because of this, the entire trip to this Winter Wonderland lasts ten days. Of course, we’re happy to organize everything from door to door.

Small Groups

If you choose a Heli-ski program in Greenland, you will be on the road in small groups with a flexible program. The weather and the snow conditions will be of great influence on the course of your trip. We want to be real with you: one or two days of bad weather conditions are not unlikely. Fortunately, these possible ‘down days’ take place in a beautiful environment with an extraordinary culture! We assure you there will be plenty to do and discover during these days. On skiing days, we’ll take full advantage of the weather conditions, and we promise to have you smiling ear to ear, run after run, after run! We cannot accuratelydescribe this wonderful, exhilaratingfeeling. It’s simply just something you have to experience for yourself.


The entire operation is run by Heli-ski veteran Kevin Boekholt, an IFMGA / UIAGM certified mountain guide who has been in the business for over thirty years. He’s not only the head guide to the world’s largest and most renowned Heli-ski organization: Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), he also runs his own Heli-ski company in New Zealand, too. Kevin’s teams consists of highly experienced and fully certified guides.

Regular skis, touring skis, avalanche beacons, shovelsand probes, and climbing harnesses for the glacier are all available on site. However, we recommend you bring your own gear with you if you’re more comfortable with that. The temperature usually averages between 5° C and -10° Cso, good preparation is important. We will discuss all of the above and give you some advice during a face to face meeting with you. Should you wish to make use of the material on location, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance.


Kulusuk is one of the last hunter-gatherer communities in Greenland. The picturesque village is located on the east coast of the country, and your hotel is about a thirty-minute walk from this tiny village’s center. In Kulusuk,you can find everything you might need on your trip. However, do not expect great luxury in this remote location. Of course, we guarantee a warm comfortable bed and nutritious meals, but nothing lavish. You are on an adventure after all, and you may very well spot an iceberg float by in this rugged,untouched environment.

Terrain and snow conditions

Thanks to the use of helicopters, the number of possible runs is enormous. We can venture out further than the eye can see, and we’ll definitely do so!Asthere are no trees, visibility depends on solely on weather conditions. There is also no guaranteed powder snow in Greenland. This destination is about experiencing something unique, special, and memorable. If you wish to be 100% sure of deep powder snow, we must refer you to one of our other destinations.

Skiing level

In preparation for this trip, it is advised to be certain of your skiing level. A good basic level of fitness and stamina is required, too. Feel free to ask for advice in case you have any doubts or questions about this. We’re happy to exchange thoughts with you. We know how to ask the right questions in order to find out if this trip to Greenland suits you.


The journey

The journey from Amsterdam to Kulusuk starts with a flight to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. You should arrive in Reykjavik on Friday evening at the latest. Saturday morning, you will continue on to Kulusuk Airport. It’s a rather short, but beautiful flight. We advise you to let us organize the entire trip. This way, we’re sure of a smooth course of events. Once you get off the plane in Kulusuk, your adventure awaits you!

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