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“Level nine is the highest cumulonimbus, which appears as glorious white mountains in the sky. When you are on cloud nine, you are at the very peak of existence.” – US Weather Bureau (1950)

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Cloud9 Travel

We strive to offer the most unique heli-skiing & freeride experiences in the world.  Our goal is to bring our customers to this state of perfect happiness. We want you to feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. All you have to do it choose a location. We’ll do all the rest.

With over ten years’ experience in the field of Heli-Skiing and the organization of extraordinary freeride trips, we at Cloud9 feel safe to say we know how to push boundaries together with our customers. Every location within our program has been subjected to our own scrutiny by substantial field testing. We believe that our personal experience is necessary to offer you the very best tailor-made programs.

Unique ski trips

All our trips are unique, but Cloud9 Travel offers more than just a unique experience. We want you to experience that aforementioned state of perfect happiness through a once in a lifetime adventure. A voyage of discovery to the most amazing places on the planet. A first-class ticket to a one in a million freeride experience. Let’s push boundaries. Together.

We’ll take you to exceptional locations where you will find the best powder snow in the world. We will travel to mountains where no-one has ever skied or snowboarded before. We can venture into the deepest untouched wilderness, and we can travel to places you could only dream of visiting. We can take you to cloud nine.

Philippe Mullens
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Philippe Mullens
+31 6 141 886 95

According to my parents, I was just three years old when skiing already made me grin from ear to ear. Many years later, during my first Heli-ski trip, I got that nagging feeling I wanted to do this over, and over again. How could I possibly make that happen?

It took a lot of hard work, but my dream came true: organizing Heli-ski trips is my job now. The addition of a large number of new destinations through our Cloud9 Travel label was a big step. A step that I had been planning for years. We can now offer year-round trips to the most exotic destinations. I’m literally living the dream.

Paul de Groot
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Paul de Groot
+31 6 278 368 57​⁠​

I’ve been skiing for as long as I can remember. In the past, ski holidays were always my favorite. Now, it’s not just a job, but a passion. During several courses in sports and winter sports, my point of view became wider and wider. I booked my first Heli-ski trip with Philippe in 2013. You probably wonder what it was like? The fact that Philippe and I are now partners probably says it all. After trying to find the best powder in Europe, I found out that it is to be found in the far corners of the world. Sharing that experience in order to inspire other, is fantastic. I like to help our guests put together a trip in order to make their dreams come true.

Jochem Hinz
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Jochem Hinz
+31 6 247 810 54​⁠​

By chance, I rolled into the outdoor and winter sports world back in 2013. I was hooked and started looking for new challenges and opportunities within this field. My passion for the mountains grew after studying in Austria for six months. Early 2016, I started working for CHM Benelux. Soon after, Cloud9 Travel was established.

The more I learned about these fantastic programs, the more enthusiastic I became. I got completely sold during my first Heli-ski trip in 2017, and nowadays I plan the best holidays for freeriders with great passion and pleasure.