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Alaska Heli-ski trip

Pushing boundaries in the most challenging freeride destination in the world!

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Exclusive trips Alaska Heli-ski trip 2022

Alaska Heli-ski trip 2022

From the 12th to 19th march 2022 we’ll be fulfilling your wildest dreams. Alaska has the reputation for harboring the steepest and most technical terrain in the world. We can definitely confirm that. We will be challenging this terrain with a group of Dutch and Belgian adventurers, and you can be a part of that group! Due to the maritime climate, this truly is the place to be if you fancy conquering the more challenging slopes. If you wish to join and travel with us to this impressive destination, then it’s important that you feel comfortable in steep terrain and possess an advanced ski- or snowboard level. However, don’t let this message scare you off: the guides will plan the descents based on the combined level of the group. Slowly but surely, the guides will help the group to advance to the next level in order to get those ultimate spots within arm’s reach. Gradually you will move up from gentle slopes to those staggering steeps.


Welcome to paradise.

- Menno Boermans

Haines, Alaska

The rugged harbor town of Haines is situated on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by snow-covered peaks. It is well known for its sea eagles, salmon fishing, and the popular Discovery Channel series ‘Gold Rush’. In addition, Haines has a rich history in the field of ski- and snowboard films! You’ve might have seen these beautiful productions with freeride legends such as Jeremy Jones and Shane McKonkey. Everyone who has seen the films shot in this steep and breathtaking terrain agrees: this is freeride heaven. While that is certainly true, we just prefer to call it Cloud9.