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Heli-skiing | The ultimate winter sports experience

You hold your gloves up against your face to protect it from the sharp drifting snow. The sound of the helicopter slowly ebbs as you take the first look over the vast white tipped peaks around you. …*click*… *click*… You step into your skis or snowboards you gaze at the deep powder fields around you. As you drop in, you realize you’re about to claim the first line in a slope full of fresh powder. You are just about to experience why heli-skiing is the cream of the crop in the field of freeriding…

Heli-skiing with Cloud9 Travel

We’re in the business of ecstasy and happiness. Our exclusive trips take you to the most exotic winter destinations of the planet. After the helicopter drops you off, the silence returns and you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a surreal snowclad world. White tipped mountains stretch as far as theeye can see.

Heli-skiing | A unique freeride experience

In the midstof this absolute silence, you come to realize that these most inaccessible places give you an indescribable feeling inside: a natural kind of high. That state of perfect happiness. With Cloud9 Travel we offer the most unique heli-skiing freeride experiences in the world. The experience gives justice to our name.

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Why should you book your exclusive freeride trips with us? Here are a couple of reasons!

Over ten years of firsthand experience
Tailor-made advice for both individuals and groups
A travel organization for and by passionate freeriders
Pushing boundaries in a responsible way

“Level nine is the highest cumulonimbus, which appear as glorious white mountains in the sky. When you are on cloud nine, you are at the very peak of existence. “   US Weather Bureau (1950)

"For me as a snowboarder, Heli-boarding has always been this ultimate dream. In 2016, this dream came true when I went on my first trip... 5 days of snowboarding in perfect conditions, in the most beautiful surroundings, with like-minded people only! A real party and a journey that I will never forget. This was the first trip, but certainly not the last! Thanks to Philippe and Paul for making my dream come true!’’

- Bibian Mentel, Dutch Olympic Athlete