Ski the Bubble | Weg van de mensenmassa, een unieke kans



A private ski area to open your winter season with

Have the mountain to yourself

Enjoy a long-weekend in the bubble and experience the coolest activities, together with a group full of snow sport fanatics. Safety and fun are fundamental to SKI THE BUBBLE, a safer wintersport trip during Covid-19 is almost impossible

Together we will make it possible to be the first with a private ski area in Europe! 

It will be an unforgettable experience with the best activities that will rise your heart rate to the next level. 


SKI THE BUBBLE is all-inclusive.


Everyone will be checked at arrival. There is no safer way to go on a winter sports trip.

Unique activities

We will learn about and discover new activities and together with certified guides. Safety first!

King of the slope

Enjoy your own winter wonderland without having lots of people around.

A unique long-weekend

SKI THE BUBBLE will be epic, we would like to share a little insight into the possibilities (With reservation).

We will deliver you an unforgettable experience: 

Safety first


In our paradise we create the possibility to enjoy wintersports corona proof. This will be realized by the use of private gondolas as well as facemasks and plenty of distance. Standing in line for the lifts does not excist in this BUBBLE. 

Everyone will be checked at departure and arrival, the layout of the mountain huts is according to the Swiss safety measures. 


you will be guided by local guides with the highest certifications. They will support you and teach you during all activities. Safety is our first priority, aside from this we certainly want endless fun, big smiles and great memories.

Terrain & Snowconditions

Hohsaas, located in the Saas valley Switzerland, is unmistakably beautiful. The lopes go up to 3200 meters, as a result the area is secure of snow and Hohsaas can get ready for  SKI THE BUBBLE in december. In the area there are several mountain huts and restaurants, this is where you will stay and eat. There will be plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay. 

Mountain huts

During this long-weekend there are several cozy mountain huts available. You will stay at 2.726 meters high or higher, with no one around. The mountain huts are authentic Swiss huts, you will get a true experience as these huts will take you back to basic. On top of the mountain, having a shower is something of the future. One of the huts is even almost a 100 years old. 

The rooms go from 2 beds to 28 beds, in these huts is plenty of space to stay in a coronaproof manner. We will make a clever layout and will make sure everything is according to the guidelines.  The trip is all-inclusive, the food, drinks (excl. Alcoholic drinks) and the activities are all taken care of. 

Reserve your spot for SKI THE BUBBLE

All-inclusive, for € 1.240,-

Fill in you name, e-mail, and phone number below and click the button to complete your application. 


    We are busy arranging this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

    In our sport the activities are dependent upon the snowconditions. Therefore we will inform you about the final program when the snowconditions are more clear. Do not worry, it’s worth waiting for. 

    As Cloud9 Travel we take you to ultimate happiness, we give you the opportunity to experience the most unique trips. SKI THE BUBBLE will be no different. It will be unique,  innovative, educational and boundaries will be pushed.

    You can book this once in a lifetime opportunity for € 1.240,-  it is all-inclusive :

    • 3 days of skiing and snowboarding
    • 3 nights in a cozy mountain hut 
    • Food and drinks (excl. alcoholic drinks)
    • An epic weekend full with unforgettable activities. 

    SKI THE BUBBLE will be a rough weekend for both men and women that like adventure. It is the ideal start of the 2021 winterseason, you will freshen up your technique and will learn new skills. 

    Are you fit and can you easily ski a red slope? Then you are in the right place because SKI THE BUBBLE for you. 

    Getting to Hohsaas and back is not included, we highly recommend going by car. By doing this you are taking the safety of the BUBBLE into account. Aside from this, it is the easiest and most efficient way to get to Hohsaas.

    If we have to cancel SKI THE BUBBLE because of weather conditions or Covid-19, you will freely get your money back.